Who’s your
brand advocate?

Fri 13 May 2016

Have a look at your brand. Is there someone in your company who ensures your identity is represented well at all times? We don’t mean paying a small fortune to Scarlett Johansson or Robert Downey Jnr to become your ambassador. We mean having an individual or group of individuals who stand by your company and market it to a wider audience. They can be employees, friends or even bloggers who have tried and tested your product or service. These are your brand advocates.

We’ve collated a list of advantages for having an advocate in your company:

  1. Cost effective – advocates are happy to receive discounts or freebies as a method of payment or are happy promote your brand free of charge. Their loyalty to a company means that they enjoy working for that brand by promoting new products, giving reviews and directing their followers to your company website.
  1. Humanise your product – having a brand advocate encourages engagement between customers and the product. It assures the customer that your product or service is safe to use or good value etc.
  1. Word of mouth – by far this is the most effective method of marketing. The majority of word of mouth advertising is positive which increases the credibility of your company. If people are talking about your brand, then a lot of the work is being done already.
  1. Product knowledge – customers are more than ever interested in product knowledge. People are running price comparisons and looking for the best offers each and every day. Having someone who can communicate this to your audience will make it easier to get across the key messages.
  1. Trust – mass advertising is now becoming less effective as consumer’s minds are filled more and more each day. Consumers need to learn to trust your brand. Engaging with advocates builds trust between your brand and the consumer.
  1. Online reputation – your website and social media presence needs to be at the top of your marketing list. With the help of advocates, this is catapulted to the next level. Increased engagement increases brand awareness leading to an increase in lead generation, website visits and potential sales.
  1. People pay more attention to friends – we’re more likely to engage with information on social media platforms that our friends have shared, rather than directly from a company. We’re constantly bombarded by advertising and this makes it more difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd. With the help of advocates, customers are more likely to engage with a brand.

And that sums it up. Have a look at your brand, determine if you need an advocate and start recruiting some loyal followers!

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