Responsive web design…
what is it?

Mon 11 Jan 2016

Have you ever landed on a website via your smart phone or tablet and had to zoom in and out to view each section of the website. Then you attempt to navigate the menu bar and it just does not work. You become frustrated and leave the page immediately. Well, you’ve just landed on a website that is not responsive.

In a nutshell, responsive web design is the adaptability of a website to display correctly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The website alters itself to the space it has been given. Google now favours websites that are responsive. As of April 2015 they have introduced an algorithm called ‘Mobilegeddon’. This affects your non-responsive website by increasing the page number that it will be found on in Google. (e.g. page 3 and beyond)

An unresponsive website leads to unhappy visitors to your website which cuts their journey short. This increases the bounce rate in your Google Analytics report while also succumbing to the pressures of ‘Mobilegeddon’ pushing your site past page 1. Remember 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results ( Inbound Marketing Report, March 2011). Losing traffic to your website means you could be missing out on potential customers.

In today’s digital era, there’s no denying that having a responsive website is vital to increasing business success. Your website represents you. It’s what people see before they see your shop front or meet you in person. Take a walk down the street and you will see a mobile phone in almost every person’s hands. 2/3 of UK adults now own a smartphone (Ofcom UK, August 2015) while 48% said a poor mobile experience would make it less likely for them to use a business’ product (Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council, Q4 2012 Study) So there’s no point in ignoring these two important facts.

Our creative team have created websites that provide great user-experiences across multiple platforms. Along with creating a responsive website, there is also the factor of improving your SEO (search engine optimisation). The advantage of one responsive single website allows an improvement in ranking, allowing your website to become more visible to all those desktop, tablet and mobile users.

So next time you are browsing the web on a tablet or mobile device, have a think about how easy it is to find what you are looking for!


Click here to view a sample of a responsive web design