Pop ups will damage
your SEO, it’s official

Wed 31 Aug 2016

Google announced last week that there are two major upcoming changes to mobile search results. Google’s aim is to allow us, the users to quickly find what it is we are looking for. This journey is becoming ever more seamless with each update that is announced. It has been two years since they introduced a ‘mobile-friendly label’. We’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post here at KGK Creative. This label gave preference to sites that were mobile-friendly. And sites which prevented users having to zoom in and out to read text on a website. Google have signified that ‘mobile friendly criteria will continue to be a ranking signal’. So if you haven’t already made the change to responsive design, it’s time to do so if you want your customers to find you on the web.

This has led Google into discovering that many users are also having a bad experience causing frustration, in particular intrusive interstitials. This second announcement is that these interstitials or advertisements, especially on mobile devices will affect the search rankings of these websites. From January 2017, the pages ‘where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly’. This is excellent news, as we can all agree those pop ups and banners ads are highly irritating.

This, however, does not apply to all interstitials. For example; cookie usage, age verification or a banner which uses a reasonable amount of screen space. Provided these are used responsibly.

To summarise

If your website has pop ups which prevents the user from easily navigating away from or closing it to access your content, then this will affect your Google ranking position and SEO from January 2017.

And finally, if your website is still unresponsive, get in contact with our design team. By unresponsive we mean where the website does not adapt to the screen it is being viewed on.  All websites that we build are fully responsive. We also make sure that they will not contain any intrusive pop ups ensuring your website is SEO friendly!

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