HTTPS, we’ve made
the move from http

Fri 17 Feb 2017

Earlier this year we moved the KGK site over from standard ‘http://’ to the more secure ‘https://’ (You’ll notice it in our address bar).


What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network, which is widely used on the Internet. It helps protect against man in the middle attacks and provides an encrypted channel of communication between your computer and the server, the website you are visiting is on. It ensures that the website is where it says it is, and that the data you enter on the website will not be intercepted by a third party. Any site you see with a green padlock in the address bar offers this protection.


Why should we use it?

HTTPS was previously only used on ecommerce sites or other sites where you would be entering sensitive information (credit card details, passwords etc.…).

However in recent years there has been a movement toward making all sites HTTPS. Not only does it give users trust in your site (that any sensitive information will be intercepted, changed or listened too) but also Google recently announced that it would be using https as a ranking signal in its search results (https sites will eventually appear above http sites in search engine page results).


How can I use it?

You can normally buy an SSL through your web hosting company, prices vary depending on the type of SSL you purchase. There are also some free solutions out there.

Alternatively get KGK to host your website and we can manage the SSL purchase, installation and migration for you!